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How to Remodel Your Kitchen on a Budget.

Its a new year, full of new goals and resolutions, and a desire to get those projects done that we have been planning for years. We have all been there, standing at the sink washing the dishes and look around feeling underwhelmed by what we see, the counter tops and cabinets from the early eighties. Now how do we bring that kitchen into a modern and fresh style without breaking the bank? Here are a few ideas to help you along the way. 

Often we think that to bring new life to our kitchen will require gutting the room and starting from scratch, but that is not always needed! Auric Sinks Retro-Fit Farmhouse sinks can help transform the look of your kitchen while using the same cabinets you already have. These sinks are designed with a 6-3/8" front apron that also runs the full length of both sides make installing not only easy but very sturdy. In most cases it is as simple as removing the false front drawer and supports to make room for the front apron and building the support braces underneath the sink. Auric Sinks has both Curved Front Aprons and Flat Front Aprons to suit the style your want for you kitchen. With sizes starting at 27" and going up to 36" Auric is prepared to set you up with the perfect sink for your kitchen. 


To upgrade those out dated cabinets, a quick sanding to remove that ancient paint, which color has faded far past a recognizable color! (You know what I'm talking about! When it ends up a debate with your best friend as to what color it used to be!) With a clean surface you can add the color that best complements the new style of your kitchen. There are also company's that will refinish your cabinets and upgrade the hardware and doors if needed. 

New counter tops are the icing on the cake. New granite counter tops can finish off the budget kitchen remodel. Don't be afraid to compare prices of your local fabricators, as well as local stone yards. Depending on the size of your kitchen you can also ask a counter top fabricator about their remnant's, usually they only have pieces to fit vanities but if is is a small counter top it never hurts to ask. 

Obviously this is not a comprehensive remodel plan but a few quick suggestions to get you started with your new kitchen. Don't forget to check out to see all the sink options. 


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